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Kanye West Isn’t Dead, It Was A Fairytale; Amber Rose ‘Rides’ Her Man


Kanye West in the short film We Were Once in a Fairytale
Kanye West is the latest to be placed into a hoax that made many believe it was true after a fraudulent site, that resembled a Fox News report, reported that the star died in a car crash in Los Angeles.

After getting not-so-good press, Kanye West’s girlfriend Amber Rose decided to step-in and stop the rumor by posting to her Twitter micro-blog stating that the rumor of Kanye West’s death was not true. Amber Rose, evidently taking it more serious than others, wrote that the ‘RIP Kanye West’ topic was not funny.

Kanye West’s blonde buzz cut model girlfriend went on to state that the rapper/music producer has people like herself as well as family that loves him very much.

Amber Rose’s Twitter posts were later removed and more recent posts stated that she’ll always ‘ride for her man’ and was about to get off Twitter and ‘ride’ him literally.

As the hoax of Kanye West dies down, the rapper is also making a buzz over an 11-minute short-film entitled “We Were Once in a Fairytale” released earlier this week. The short film was directed by Spike Jonze.

In the video, Kanye West portrays himself as drunk and repulsive while being ‘turned down’ by multiple women. At the end of the video, the rapper can be seen stabbing himself and taking out what is believed to be a small rodent living inside of him which may be a representation of a demon. Kanye West hands the creature a miniature knife and the creature goes on to slice its stomach open and dies on the sink counter in the restroom of a night club.

Due to the video causing quite a stir, Kanye West took it down from his personal blog and stated, “Sorry had to take it down.”

Kanye West – “We Were Once in a Fairytale”

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