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Rapper Queen Pen’s Sister In Billion Dollar Lawsuit; SoHo Club Racism


Photo of rapper Queen Pen
Rapper Queen Pen’s sister, Kashan Robinson, including other multiple would-be guests of a book signing party for best-selling author Teri Woods, author of New York Times best seller “True to the Game,” are involved in a racial bias lawsuit filed against a trendy nightclub called Greenhouse SoHo in Manhattan, New York for reportedly not allowing black guests into the party.

Teri Woods tells the NY Daily News that she was in tears after the club Greenhouse barred her African-American guests that she had invited to her book party and also claims that the white guests that she had invited did obtain entry in.

Although the club owner, Barry Mullineaux, denies the charges and calls the claim ‘bogus’, the claim, which has been filed in the state Supreme Court, accuses Greenhouse of barring guests simply because they were African-American. A text message by Mullineaux is also in question where the owner reportedly mentions not allowing the guests to enter because of their weight, however Woods denies any guests were ‘fat’ and if they were, that still should have had nothing to do with invited guests.

An estimated 100 black guests, who were invited to the book party by Teri Woods, were denied entry, according to lawyer John Nonnenmacher, who filed the lawsuit. Woods, who was in tears and “embarrassed” after arriving to see her “friends and family” outside, claims the guests that were denied entry included some ‘serious people’ such as lawyers, doctors and people in the entertainment industry.

Robinson, 39, sister of rapper Queen Pen, who was in the mix of guests not allowed in, says that the doorman “looked past [them] like [they] didn’t exist.”

Though the lawsuit doesn’t include Teri Woods, whose party was for her book entitled “Alibi,” the attorney John Nonnenmacher who represents Woods has been reported as saying that Woods ‘strongly supports them [the plaintiffs] and may be filing a separate lawsuit of her own against Greenhouse.

Photo of best selling author Teri Woods Photo of rapper Queen Pen

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