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Lil Wayne Addresses What’s In His Cup; Calls Drake A Cash Cow

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Picture of rapper Lil Wayne in an interview with Tim Westwood
While on tour in London at the Hammersmith Apollo, Tim Westwood went backstage with Lil Wayne and the two spoke on the issue with his cup and how it’s none of your business what’s in his cup. “You could be drinking prune juice,” says Lil Wayne.

“Ain’t nothing in the cup right now but some wine…. honestly it ain’t nobody business what’s in my cup, what’s in your cup, what’s in their cup. It’s your cup drink it. Die, kill yourself.”

“You could be drinking prune juice, who knows,” says Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne goes on to say that he could be drinking death on ice and it could be ice tea and you just got fooled. The rapper proceeds to talk about the cup issue and how the cup has made him more famous than picking up a guitar, among other things. Lil Wayne spoke more on how he should possibly pick the cup back up after becoming #1 in the country.

Lil Wayne goes on to speak about how great rapper/actor Drake is due to him not having an album out and being featured on a number of songs and calls him a cash cow.

Tim Westwood asks Lil Wayne about spending $2 million on mixtapes after seeing his vision early on and the rapper states, “they print money everyday.. and they don’t print one bill that says Dewayne Carter can’t have it.”

Lil Wayne Speaks on What’s In His Cup

Lil Wayne Shouts Out Drake and more.

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