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Soulja Boy Responds To Rumors He Owes Money “Yall Got Me F*d Up!” Via Twitter


Photo of Soulja Boy at Awards Show
Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em has responded to the rumors that he’s late on rent, owes his landlord money and faces eviction from his luxury L.A. apartment. Soulja Boy dropped a comment and released a video via his Twitter in response to the rumor and states quote ”yall got me f*cked up.”

According to reports by celebrity gossip site TMZ which was reported early on today (October 14), they obtained a letter from Soulja Boy’s landlord that states they received “complaints of noise disturbances and guests wandering the hallway” and that was a “direct violation” of Soulja Boy’s lease agreement with the apartment.

The report which was entitled “Landlord Declares War on Soulja Boy” goes on to say that the landlord followed up the letter by billing Soulja Boy for nearly $10,000 in unpaid rent plus late fees.

Similar reports were later posted on multiple blogs including on the gossip blogger site Perez Hilton.

Keep in mind Soulja Boy was just last week arrested in Georgia on charges of obstruction at an abandoned home in the McDonough area of Atlanta, GA where the rapper along with like 40 others allegedly fled police who visited the home after responding to a call about it. According to sources, the rapper was reportedly there filming for a video. Police detained Soulja Boy as he supposedly returned to the scene to claim his white Range Rover, which was left at the house.

Now Soulja Boy who responded both via comments on Twitter and in a video on TwitVid, the video was deleted almost as soon as it was posted. The video was led with the words “For all the lames ass Blog sites who tryna say S.Beezy ain’t getting to the money.”

In the video Soulja Boy reveals his ample collection of jewelry and shows box full of what looks to be tens of thousands of dollars which the young entrepreneur seems to keep around much like petty cash.

Previous to that, Soulja Boy wrote, “For every blog site who posted that bullshit, F*CK YOU.”

Following that — maybe contemplating whether it was worth it or not — the rapper and young businessman writes, “If you don’t stand for SOMETHING you’ll fall for ANYTHING!”

Photo of Soulja Boy Twitter Responding To Money Rumor

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