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Producer Timbaland Says New Album Inspired By Vampire Movie Twilight

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Photo of music producer Timbaland
Timbaland who’s preparing for the release of his album ‘Shock Value 2′ a follow-up to his 2007 album Shock Value, speaks on his inspiration and claims that he was inspired by the romantic-fantasy vampire film ‘Twilight’ which stars Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson.

The only thing the music producer would tell MTV about his first single is that it’s coming in a couple of weeks, it’s different, the album is interesting and fits everything Twilight.

“True Blood, fits in that way. It’s a dance record…,” Timbaland is quoted as saying.

Timbaland does go on to state that the record will feature a new artist by the name of SoShy from Paris which is signed to his label as well as Skahira, Lady Gaga, Kings of Leon and Paramore. Hip Hop wise, Timbaland says there will be new stuff from rapper Drake as well a new female artist Brand New he plans to introduce he says is going to shock the world.

Timbaland’s album ‘Shock Value 2′ is scheduled for release on November 23rd.

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