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Whitney Houston Details Drugs, Domestic Abuse, Bobby Brown To Oprah


Photo of Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey
In an indepth interview with Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, 46, revealed details of her past drug and domestic abuse with ex-husband Bobby Brown and how she turned her life around.

In the two-part interview with the media queen Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston spoke on how Bobby Brown was her drug and how her mother came to rescue her by coming to her house with Sheriffs with a court junction.

“She walks in with these Sheriffs and she says I have a court junction, you do it my way or we’re not going to do this at all or we’ll both go on TV and you’re gonna retire,” the veteran singer and actress told Oprah Winfrey during their sit down interview.

Throughout the interview, Whitney Houston reveals intimate details of her life and 14 year marriage and stated,”Bobby Brown was my drug.” Whitney Houston also goes on to describe how she couldn’t do anything without Bobby Brown and spoke on that the two took cocaine and marijuana during their marriage despite her denying it in a 2002 ABC TV interview with Diane Sawyer in which she made the phrase famous “crack is wack.”

In the interview, Whitney Houston goes on to talk about how she does tend to get desires for drugs, but she prays about it and it takes her a minute to cleanse and that Bobby Brown slapped her once, she hit him in the head three times and how he disrepected her by spitting in her face which was one of the horrific things he did.

The singer also speaks on her daughter Bobbi Kristina who she had with her ex-husband Bobby Brown and how she moved her in with her brother, Bobbi’s Uncle, so that she could get herself together. Whitney stated that in 2006, she told Bobby Brown she was going to the store for milk and sugar, but instead caught a plane to L.A. instead. Reportedly, Bobbi was angry at first when Whitney left Bobby Brown, but after seeing her father with other women, she encouraged her mother to divorce him and let him go.

The first part of the two-part interview aired on Monday, September 14th as Oprah Winfrey’s 24th Season Premier and the second part airs Tuesday, September 15th with an expected performance by Whitney houston.

Check out a video clip of the Whitney Houston interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Photo of Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey

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