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50 Cent Defends Taylor Swift: ‘I Would’ve Blacked Kanye West’s Eye!’


50 Cent claims that if Kanye West would have done to him what he did to Taylor Swift at the VMA’s, then he would have blacked Kanye West’s eye! 50 Cent goes in on Kanye West about his recent incident and apology, which Kanye West has apologized for numerous times, as reported on HipHopRX.com, and claims Kanye West’s apology “can’t replace” what Taylor Swift could have felt from her “first time receiving” her award.

50 Cent vs. Kanye West

50 Cent seems as though Kanye West’s actions may have been warranted but they were selfish because it was Taylor Swift’s moment — not his.

50 Cent claims that he himself has been overlooked for an award — such as at the Grammy’s in 2004 — when he was overlooked for Best New Artist after he had sold 12 million albums but lost out to Evanescence. 50 Cent claims that everyone knows Beyonce is great but “Taylor Swift is great” too and “new” and deserved at least her moment of shine at the MTV Video Music Awards.

50 Cent claims that instead of Taylor Swift now having her moment in her memory as a good one, it’s one that has now been ‘damaged’ by Kanye West.

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