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Rapper Benzino: Jay-Z Biting, Joe Budden Blogs Too Much, Slaughterhouse Is Overrated


Photo of rapper Benzino
Rapper Benzino is tired of Joe Budden blogging and feels that instead of blogging the New York rapper should pay more attention to where his girl is at.

In a video, Benzino smokes a blunt and digs into Joe Budden on his blogging, his group Slaughterhouse by calling them ‘overrated’ and refers to Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 album cover as biting.

“I knew Tahiry was gonna leave Joe Budden. Blog too much homey! Blog too much… watch where your girl’s at man…” states Benzino.

The rapper and once co-owner of hip-hop magazine The Source and founder of Hip Hop Weekly goes on to say, “Them n-ggas is overrated, I’m not f–kin with Slaughterhouse, f-ck them n-ggas. And f-ck Royce the 5’9.”

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