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Lady Gaga Says Her ‘Beautiful’ Vagina Is Offended Over Penis Rumors


Photo of Lady Gaga on the table
Lady Gaga who’s known for her nip-slip moments, bulging undergarments, and more, says her genitals are not taking it kindly to the he-she rumors.

In an interview with Australia’s Nova morning radio station with co-host Meshel, the singer was questioned about whether she had a tiny penis.

Lady Gaga, who’s not shy of sharing the thoughts of her body parts, stated that her beautiful vagina was very offended.

“… I’m not offended—my vagina is offended,” stated Lady Gaga.

Recently Lady Gaga was in the mix of a hermaphrodite rumor after a suspected bulge was seen protruding from her outfit which is nothing new.

In other news, Lady Gaga recently teamed up with music producer Dr. Dre and Monster Cable for her own line of branded headphones called Heartbeats which is a jewel-like, tangle-free pair of headphones which will be released sometime in October.

Photo of Lady Gaga branded Heatbeats Headphones

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