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Tupac Has A New Song, Rapper Speaks About Obama?!


An alleged Tupac album Reborn, which was reportedly released back in Dec. 2008 is believed to have contained a song in which he raps about T.I. being locked up. It’s kinda weird because Tupac (2Pac) is supposed to be dead! Yet the person who sounds like Tupac, mentions Obama & Hillary Clinton and about him riding in his 2010 Denali? Hmmmmm, it makes you wonder. Did he really fake his death to fool his enemies just like Niccolò Machiavelli, the greek philosopher who was reportedly the first person ever recorded in history to fake his death? Or is this a hoax?

Modern technology can manipulate his voice for all you people who think he is alive. One can only judge for themselves in this matter. Take a look at this photo by from TMZ of “Tupac,” as reported on HipHopRX.com, of a person believed to be Tupac partying at a club. Reportedly, this is just a guy claiming to be Tupac, but it looks just like him, all the way down to his nose ring…. Who knows maybe its not him? But its fun to say its him, hell people still think Elvis is still alive!!!
Is this really Tupac after 13 years of supposedly being dead?

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