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Chris Brown ‘Ashamed,’ Says He Does Remember Rihanna Assault


Photo of Chris Brown on Larry King Live Interview
R&B star Chris Brown admits that he does remember assaulting former girlfriend Pop star Rihanna despite a mere 60 second clip that was released of him during an interview with Larry King Live. In the short video clip which will be aired in its entirety on Wednesday on Larry King Live, entertainer Chris Brown was questioned about remembering assaulting Rihanna in which he responded, “No.”

Since the clip began making it’s round earlier on yesterday, many people became outraged over the response that was seen in the video, which led to the star to later release a statement. Chris Brown, 20, who has stated that he has never fell out of love with Rihanna stated that that his answer in the video was ‘misspoken,’ since he was asked the same question multiple times throughout the interview for at least an hour.

Brown goes on to state that of course he remembers what happened and states in his statement that several times during the video his mother (Joyce Hawkins) spoke on him coming to her after the incident and he told her everything, but it’s still a blur (vague).

Meanwhile, the star who was sentenced on August 25th, as reported on HipHopRX.com, was sentenced to five years of probation, fifty-two weeks of domestic-violence counseling and one-hundred eighty days of community labor with a long list of other terms including a restraining order restricting Chris Brown from being too close to Rihanna.

The full Chris Brown interview is scheduled to air on Wednesday on Larry King Live at 8PM CST.

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