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Big Brother 11 Pandora’s Box: Mystery Twist and Spoilers


Big Brother CBS
Big Brother 11, hosted by CBS producer Julie Chen, is throwing a twist into the air with the latest rumors piling up about the mystery “Pandora’s Box,” which entails a mystery door, a secret card given to head of household graphic designer Kevin Campbell by the show’s producers and a key possessed by advertising salesman Jeff Schroeder who may be the sole keymaster or answer to what is behind the mystery or the “Pandora’s Box.”

What is the Big Brother 11 “Pandora’s Box?” Well as of yet, no one knows, however, the spoiler is that Kevin was locked behind the mystery door found in the HOH (Head of Household) bedroom and was released by sole keymaster, Jeff, which could either be good news or bad news for either Kevin or Jeff whom fans seem to not want to leave the reality television show just yet.

But whether or not Kevin entering the door and will unlock secrets to the mysterical “Pandora’s Box,” is simply speculation. One thing is for sure — someone will be evicted and the key, the mystery door and “Pandora’s Box” hold the answers to something. The debate online is what is the meaning of either: the key, the mystery door and their relation to the “Pandora’s Box.”

The Big Brother 11 airs Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays with the two hour live season finale airing on September 15, 2009 on CBS.

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