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50 Cent, G-Unit Employee Assaults Woman For Not Giving Him Oral Sex?!


Photo of 50 Cent mansion in Hartford, Connecticut metro area
A woman is claiming that an employee of rapper 50 Cent’s company G-Unit allegedly sexually harassed her and later assaulted her after she turned down his advancements towards her for oral sex.

The woman, unidentified at this time, claims that the G-Unit employed Dwayne McKenzie, 28, who reportedly lives in 50 Cent’s 50,000-square-foot 19 bedrooms and 37 bathrooms mansion in Hartford, Connecticut – once owned by Mike Tyson, requested oral sex from her while at a gathering at the hip hop icon’s mansion on August 19th.

Rapper 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, was reportedly not at the home during the alleged incident, where witnesses reportedly claim they saw McKenzie hold down the alleged victim in a fight while another woman, Michelle Krzykowski, 20, of New Britain, hit her. Krzykowski reportedly hit the woman with some type of object which left a large gash in the victim’s head.

This reportedly happened as the victim, was attempting to leave the mansion after the alleged unwanted sexual advancements by McKenzie and she was only able to get away from her alleged attackers after using pepper spray on them, as she then fled away in a friend’s car calling 911 from a cellphone at around 3:50 a.m.

McKenzie’s lawyer, Gerald Klein, claims that the accusations are “false” and even though his client is “not a celebrity,” he’s being “targeted by people” looking to make money off him. Meanwhile, McKenzie claims that only the two women were involved in the fight, not him, and that he escorted them off the property after breaking the fight up.

Now free on bond, both McKenzie, who was arrested Thursday after being stopped for a seat belt violation by New Britain police, as well as Krzykowski, who on the same day turned herself in on a warrant, face assault charges, and while Krzykowski is reportedly due in court on September 1, McKenzie’s lawyer is asking for his case to be continued until Sept. 1.

Photo of 50 Cent mansion in Hartford, Connecticut metro area Photo mugshot of G-Unit employee Dwayne McKenzie accused of assault for oral sex

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