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Omarion Dropped By Lil Wayne’s Record Label For Leaking Track?!


Photo of RnB singer Omarion
Singer Omarion is reported to have been dropped by Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment record label after supposedly leaking the track “I Get In” which featured the two.

According to a Twitter post by the label’s president Mack Maine it was revealed that Omarion was fired because he allegedly leaked his duet with the rapper. Since the report, Omarion has replied back about rumors about him being dropped claiming that they are untrue.

“A lot of people of speculating what’s going on in reference to myself and Young Money… and I wanna let yall know that I did not get dropped from Young Money,” stated Omarion denying the reports that he was fired.

The 24 year-old singer, real name Omari Ismael Grandberry, went on to say that he asked to be released and claims there are no “hard feelings” between him and Lil Wayne. Omarion also goes on to reveal that he is still planning on dropping his upcoming album project along with a new video.

The sudden drop or departure of Omarion, after Bow Wow’s recent announcement of getting signed, has many questioning whether the drop was intentional.

Omarion signed to the label in June, as reported on HipHopRx.com.

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