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Lil Wayne Parks Tour Buses In Apartments, Violence Breaks Out


Photo of rapper Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne is reported to be under investigation after a shot was fired at an apartment complex where several of his tour buses dropped and picked up young women.

According to several reports including celebrity gossip site TMZ, Phoenix, Arizona authorities were called after a shot was fired and there was disruption at the complex following one of his America’s Most Wanted tour concerts at the Cricket Pavilion on August 12th. Allegedly violence broke out after several women began to get on and off the tour buses parked in the apartments which led to people throwing bottles and more.

In addition to this, a teenage boy has made a complaint stating that he was roughed up by Lil Wayne’s bodyguard, which inturn bruised his ribs.

Reportedly Lil Wayne was on one of the buses when everything went haywire, in which he informed authorities when they interviewed him that he was on one of the buses, but they left the premises almost immediately.


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