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Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene: The Nude Photos Scandal Battle


Photo of Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens
It’s a scandal, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene nude photos hit the net around the same time. The scandals this week continue to grow as nude photos after nude photos continue to pop up of celebrities and entertainers. The latest nude photos to pop up are that of High School Musical actress Vanessa Hudgens and Twilight movie actress and Teen Choice Awards Fresh Face winner Ashley Greene, both, who are making headlines at the same time for nude photo scandals. The headlines that read “Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures leaked” and “Ashley Greene nude photos leaked” are turning into somewhat of a battle of scandals.

Both seemingly unfortunate happenings have thrown both celebrity actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene into a somewhat battle within a war of media verses celebrity attorneys who are fighting to keep the media from circulating the actresses who both took photos seemingly in their late teens.

Vanessa Hudgens lawyers are fighting to keeping the photos out of the media for the fact that the photos are of the actress when she was under the legal age of 18 while, Ashley Greene’s lawyers are fighting to keep her photos out of the media simply because she is the only one with the rights to distribute or publish her own photos.

Still yet the photos, the headlines, and the battle of the nude photos scandal persists. It makes one wonder, who will be next?

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