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Lady GaGa a Hermaphrodite?! This Wardrobe Malfunction Proof? (Photos)


Photo of Lady GaGa Hermaphrodite penis proof?
Lady GaGa a Hermaphrodite?! A crazy rumor has it that singer Lady GaGa reportedly revealed that she is a hermaphrodite meaning that she has both male and female reproductive organs or ‘genitalia.’ The rumor goes that her male side genitalia made a special appearance at a music festival in Glastonbury, England.

The rumor even comes with an even stranger confirmation that GaGa herself admits to being a hermaphrodite stating that it’s not a “big f*cking deal” that she has a “poon and a peener” and it’s not something to talk about but considers herself a woman, Lady GaGa allegedly wrote on her blog while twittering to someone to suck her “hermie d*ck” on another occasion.

In related news, Lady GaGa had another wardrobe malfunction live on stage at a recent weekend performance while performing in Ibiza, Spain on last month, as reported on HipHopRX.com, where Lady GaGa female twins, her nipples, made a special appearance which follows another previous nip slip at a promotional tour and autograph signing in Portland, Oregon. Speaking of autograph signings, it’s odd that Lady GaGa is rumored to have had a penis slip, if you can call it that, because the singer reportedly claims that the strangest thing she’s ever done was when she once autographed a fan’s penis.

Meanwhile, while these rumors are simply hearsay with only a video of the singer mumbling after a wardrobe malfunction as proof, many blogs and fans are having mixed reactions with some calling the rumors flat out lies while others have second thoughts.

Photo of Lady GaGa Hermaphrodite penis proof? Photo of Lady GaGa, a Hermaphrodite?! Photo of Lady GaGa performing, does she look like a Hermaphrodite?!

Watch video of Lady GaGa’s performance at a music festival in Glastonbury, England. The wardrobe malfunction and mumbles begin at the 1:09 mark.

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