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Ashley Greene Nude Photos Leaked, More Than A Teen Choice Fresh Face!


Photo of actress Ashley Greene
Actress Ashley Green who starred in the vampire movie ‘Twilight’ seems to be the latest starlet who’s nude pictures have leaked on the Internet. Ashley Green who will be reappearing in the ‘Twilight’ sequel “New Moon” and who just won the “Teen Choice Awards” Fresh Face is attempting to clean up any nude photos that may be lurking on the net.

Reportedly the photos went haywire online after celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton posted up Ashley Greene’s nude photos on his blog. The blogger was later contacted by Ashley Greene’s attorney asking that the pictures be removed.

Meanwhile, Ashley Greene’s lawyer states the nude photos of Ashley Greene are illegal and that she plans to take legal action against anyone who dare publishes them since she is the sole and rightful owner of the photos in question, meaning she has the rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the photos at her discretion.

As for whether the 22 year-old actress was of age at the time the photographs were taken, it is being stated she was indeed legal and was at least 19 years-old at the time.

So the question now many are wondering is how did the photos get out if she has exclusive rights?

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