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Tila Tequila Calling On Women To Use Their ‘P*ssy Power!’ (Photos)


Tila Tequila Female Power Photo
The very sexy or should we say ‘sexual, flirtatious’ model, celebrity Internet personality, and singer/rapper Tila Tequila, of the MTV reality television show A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila known for being one of the most popular music artists on MySpace with close to 4 million people added to her list of friends, is tired of only women being called “Hoe’s,” “Sluts,” and “Whores” when they sleep around and is calling for women to start using their power, specifically their “p*ssy power!”

What is “P*ssy Power?” “P*ssy Power is just another term for a woman who is considered to be a ‘BOSSLADY,’ ” according to Tila Tequila.

“For a long time, I have witnessed a lot of men calling women “Hoe’s, Sluts, skanks, whore” etc….and I find that, not only disrespectful to women, but the fact that those terms are usually associated to only women is quite the double-standard. When a guy sleeps around, he is considered a “Pimp” but if a female sleeps around, she is a “Whore?” No sir, that is all about to change!!!!!,” wrote Tila Tequila in a blog on Global Grind.

Also known for her sexy photos and appearances in Stuff, Maxim, and Penthouse Magazine, and for her sexy, flirty lifestyle, Tila Tequila is no stranger to using her P*ssy Power and encourages women to stop “hating” on other women as well!

“As for females always hating on other females, shame on you! Women should be empowering one another. Don’t fall into that trap of being another “hater” when u see another strong and beautiful woman doing her thing. As long as she is not hurting you, nor doing any damage to your personal life, we should always celebrate each other’s success. So next time you see a hot female doing her thing and pimpin’ her game, don’t call her a “HOE” u gotta say “Damn, that girl has P*SSY POWER!” because that is exactly what it is!,” added Tila Tequila.

Then, Tila Tequila references the past to prove the ‘p*ssy power’ that women all have but seem to have lost:

“You see, I believe that the truth has been lost as time passed. Back then women were highly respected and considered to be “GODDESSES” just like Cleopatra, Nefertiti, amongst many others, while the men were merely servants at our feet.”

“I am a woman who knows what she wants, I am my own bosslady, and I am not afraid to go out there and get what I want… So whether a woman makes all that money on her own, is a Boss of her own company, or “goldiggin” her way to get there… ..at the end of the day, I applaud these woman who isn’t afraid to use her P*ssy Power to go out there and get what she wants.”

Tequila then ends with a few words for the men who work hard to get the fancy rides and jewels so they might have a “bad b*itch” on their side claiming:

“And fellas, you would be LYING if you are telling me that you don’t work hard in this world to get the nice car, get the money, so at the end of the day, you can get that BAD B*TCH by your side.”

Tila Tequila Female Power Photo Tila Tequila Sexy Lingerie PhotoTila Tequila Sexy Naughty Girl Next Door Photo
Tila Tequila Sexy Naughty Girl Next Door Picture

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