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Rocsi of 106 and Park, Breaks Down In Tears About Her Anorexia Problem


Photo of 106 and Park TV host Rosci
Video of Rosci, host of the 106 & Park BET music television show, is circulating showing the TV host breaking down in tears when she began talking about her past fight and struggle with anorexia – the eating disorder characterized by extremely low body weight from an obsessive fear of gaining weight – on a taping of 106 & Park along with co-host Terrance J who was seen wiping the tears from her face.

In the video, Rosci discusses the details of her horrific tales of trying to vomit much like a bulimic, but ended up being unable to so she turned to taking diet pills and having extreme exercise workouts after having a meal.

Rosci blames her desire to be the skinny cheerleader image that was viewed at the time and says she was just a young girl and had no idea about the dangers of bulimia and anorexia and thought the disease was only something ‘white’ people went through. Today, Rosci admits that she was on the verge of killing herself.

Check out video of Rosci breaking down in tears talking about her past health issue and battle with anorexia.

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