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Darius McCrary Says Karrine Steffans Has ‘NeuroRectoOphthalmology’!


Photo of actor Darius McCrary
Lies and deceit are what you may call it or at least this is what Darius McCrary, most known for his role on the tv show Family Matters as Eddie Winslow, is saying about former hip hop music video vixen Karrine Steffans aka Superhead after stating that Steffans lied about the two being married because she has NeuroRectoOphthalmology and “drummed up” the lies to help sell books.

What is Neuro Recto Ophthalmology? “NeuroRectoOphthalmology is when your brain gets crossed with your eyelids and your a**hole and you have a sh*tty outlook on life,” states Darius McCrary.

The former Family Matters television show actor Darius McCrary is not only breaking his silence about his own personal relationship with Karrine Steffans, but also exposed personal details about Steffans’ alleged abusive relationship with her son.

McCrary claims that Steffans abuses her son and he has warned her that her abuse is going to break her son’s spirit but, according to McCrary, Steffans claims her child’s spirit is already broken.

These claims and allegations and more can be seen in a video which recently began circulating the Internet blogs and websites this week.

Watch the video of Darius McCrary aka Eddie Winslow talking about his relationship with Karrine Steffans A.K.A. Superhead.

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