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Wendy Williams On Eminem’s Naked Pictures of Mariah Carey, ‘I Believe Him’


Wendy Williams Show Photo
Wendy Williams, on a recent taping of her new television show, The Wendy Williams Show, claims that Mariah Carey is the blame for the attacks brought on to her by Eminem in his new song “Warning” and she believes the naked pictures of Mariah Carey and more.

As reported on HipHopRX.com on last week, Eminem released his new song entitled “The Warning” and, in the song, dissed Nick Cannon calling him a “punk” and dissed wife Mariah Carey, calling the Pop singer a “liar” and “alcoholic,” among other things while hinting that he relieved himself on her and that he has more on Mariah including possible naked pictures of the singer.

“Mariah, you started this,” stated Wendy Williams on a recent taping of her new television show, referring to Mariah Carey’s song and music video “Obsessed” where Mariah Carey, dressed in Eminem swag, portrays a stalker who stalks after her.

Following that, Wendy Williams goes after Nick Cannon, for inadequately defending Mariah as she claims a husband should.

“It’s gotten so ugly now that Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon is not even adequately able to defend her character,” expressed Wendy Williams.

Williams claims Nick Cannon, who has been Twittering scripture quotes following Eminem’s verbal attack on them in his song “Warning,” should be trying as a husband to do “a little more than high school twitting,” in her words.

Then Wendy Williams claims that she believes Eminem’s threats of having pictures, possibly naked pictures and more things that could damage or in Eminem’s term ‘murder’ Mariah Carey’s career.

Watch the video of Wendy Williams talking about Eminem’s attack on Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

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