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Toni Braxton Preps For New Album, Excited Over New Single

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Photo of Toni Braxton
After almost five years with no album, singer Toni Braxton, who will be making her way to Beau Rivage Resort in Biloxi, MS come August 8th, says she’s excited about her new single which will be coming out in September from off her newly anticipated album.

The singer reveals that she’s been working with Jamaican artists such as Sean Paul and Shaggy for her upcoming new album and states that she’s taken a different direction, but insures she will be including the Toni Braxton we all have come to love.

Meanwhile, as the singer preps for her new album, she is also prepping for her show in Biloxi by rehearsing.

“In rehearsals with the sis’s working on the show for Biloxi, pretty excited. So excited about September, you guys wont be disappointed,” states Toni Braxton.

Currently there’s no set released date for the album which name has yet to be revealed, however the aim looks to be set for the end of 2009.

The last album to be released by Toni Braxton was “Libra” which was released September 27, 2005.

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