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Rapper Rick Ross A Drug Kingpin? Denied Access In Bermuda


Photo of Miami rapper Rick Ross
On last week rapper Rick Ross, who was booked for a concert in Bermuda, is stated to have had issues gaining entry after his visa was denied due to his alleged “criminal history.” It seems that Bermudan Government officials might have mistaken the rap artist for Freeway Ricky Ross, the notorious Los Angeles drug trafficker.

Reportedly, the rapper was to perform at a concert at the Cup Match Extravaganza in Bermuda’s snorkel park but sources say official Immigration minister David Burch denied Rick Ross the work permit because of his name association with the drug kingpin Ricky Ross which left concert promoter Kendricks Zuill trying to prove that the rapper was in no way a drug trafficker and instead “a man of good conduct,” contrary to what the local papers were reporting about Burch’s thoughts on Ross — that he was a man who doesn’t “possess good character and conduct.”

This may or may not be a contradiction as according to sources, Ross has never been convicted of a crime but was arrested on gun and drug (marijuana) charges in Miami Beach, Florida back in January 2008, which were later dropped.

Does a nickname define the character? This was the argument of Mr. Zuill who openly stated that a nickname does not.

Still the concert ended up being cancelled after days of attempts to get the visa denial overturned.

A reported 500 tickets which had already been sold were refunded to eager would-be concert-goers.

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