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Big Pun’s Wife, Liza Rios, and Children Living In A Homeless Shelter


Photo of Big Pun Wife, Liza Rios
The late, legendary rap artist Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios claims that her and the late Big Pun’s three children are living in a New York homeless shelter after struggling for almost 10 years to survive on just $160,000 from publishing since Big Pun’s death in February 7, 2000.

“We’re in a situation right now that we’re in a city shelter,” Rios claims while explaining that for her and her family, there has been “no money coming in” and “just money coming out.”

Rios claimed that in five years, she spent $120,000 of her paid $160,000 royalties on mortgage alone and has “kids, food and clothes and legal fees” too.

Rios also touched more on her claims that Big Pun was sometimes physically and emotionally abusive in their relationship and she “never knew what domestic violence” was until she was in it.

Rios also spoke on getting what she feels her and “the kids” deserve as royalty from Terror Squad / Fat Joe, but claims she hasn’t received Big Pun’s deserved royalties and is not on good terms with Fat Joe.

In related news, Rios is currently promoting the release of a new Big Pun documentary, The Legacy (film and DVD) slated for release on September 15, 2009.

Big Pun’s Wife talks about Living in Shelter, Abuse, Fat Joe, & Trying to Survive

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