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Kelly Clarkson Accused Of Ripping Off Beyonce, Says She Didn’t Steal!


Photo of Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce Knowles
Since American Idol 2002 winner Pop/R&B singer, songwriter Kelly Clarkson, released her new song “Already Gone” off her 2009 album, “All I Ever Wanted,” which was co-written by Clarkson and Ryan Tedder, who is also the music producer, the singer/songwriter has been accused of ripping off Beyonce’s beats for her new single “Halo.”

Photo of Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce Knowles

However, Kelly Clarkson claims she was worried this would happen and is upset with her label for releasing the song and blames her song’s co-writer and music producer, Ryan Tedder, for giving her a beat so similar to Beyonce’s new song “Halo.”

“No-one’s gonna be sittin’ at home, thinking ‘Man, Ryan Tedder gave Beyonce and Kelly the same track to write to.’ No, they’re just gonna be saying I ripped someone off. I called Ryan and said, ‘I don’t understand. Why would you do that?’,” Clarkson told CBC News in Canada.

Clarkson’s song “Already Gone” was set to release August 11, 2009 while Beyonce’s “Halo” song was set to be released earlier this year, but was released late last year.

Clarkson claims her label released the song without her consent while it is believed that Tedder was unaware that Beyonce would release the song because it was once thought to be removed from one of her prior releases, but later released on Beyonce’s album, “I Am… Sasha Fierce.”

Listen to the two songs below:

Kelly Clarkson “Already Gone”

Beyonce “Halo”

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