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NBA Player Shaquille O’Neal Questions Stephon Starbury’s Meltdown


Photo of NBA athlete Stephon Starbury
Since the weekend, it seems that basketball player, NBA free agent, Stephon Starbury, 32, has been having some type on meltdown which has left the door open for questioning.

On yesterday, the athlete could be seen eating out of a Vaseline jar, while over the weekend, a shirtless Starbury cried on camera while listening to Kirk Franklin’s “Lean On Me” and even slept with his cam on, danced in front of the mirror, worked out and asked for a billion dollars to start a network like Oprah Winfrey.

“I know dats not strawberry flavored Vaseline, Starbury is eatin, wow wow wow,” says Shaquille ‘Shaq’ O’Neal via Twitter.

“Why is Starbury cryin, what the hell is goin on, geeeez?” Shaq adds.

According to Starbury, who had a sore throat, he took the Vaseline after it was revealed to him as a remedy by his little brother who’s grandmother is almost 100 years old.

“When you can’t get your voice back, take some Vaseline and swallow it and it’ll help you. We’re from the old school,” says Stephon Starbury.

However, contrary to Stephon’s ‘grandma remedy’ also known as a ‘home remedy,’ according to the drug facts of Vaseline, their product is for external use only and if swallowed, medical help or the attention of the Poison Control Center should be sought.

Many are stating that the athlete Stephon Starbury himself is either on drugs, emotionally distraught, insane or all.

Maybe it’s for publicity, who knows?

Meanwhile, Stephon Starbury can be seen on his Ustream and Justin.TV channels crying, laughing, dancing and whatever else he decides to do.

NBA Star Stephon Starbury Eats Vaseline on Live Video Camera

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