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The-Dream Wants A Word With Lil Wayne If He Marries Ex-Wife Nivea


Photo of The-Dream and Lil Wayne
News is going around that music producer and singer The-Dream has opinionated views on his ex-wife Nivea and rapper Lil Wayne’s relationship and though he hasn’t spoken to Lil Wayne, he has plans to if Lil Wayne and Nivea get married. As reported on HipHopRX.com, allegedly Nivea who has dated Lil Wayne before is supposedly pregnant with his unborn child as well as the very pregnant model and actress Lauren London who was recently photographed at Diddy’s White Party.

Reportedly, The-Dream stated that he has never met Lil Wayne and doesn’t plan on meeting him anytime soon unless Llil Wayne is expecting to marry Nivea. If we remember correctly, isn’t The-Dream marrying Christina Milian which makes you wonder has Nivea spoken to Christina Milian.

The-Dream allegedly went on to say that the two [The-Dream and Lil Wayne] are some where in the grey area, but he wishes him [Lil Wayne and Nivea] the best. The singer also reportedly went on to say, “If marriage comes up, then we’ll definitely need to have a conversation…. because even though she’s pregnant, there’s no real commitment between them, to the point where we’d need to have a conversation.”

Whether or not Lil Wayne and Nivea are planning to get married is still a rumor.

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