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Run’s House Joseph ‘Jo Jo’ Simmons Pleads Guilty On Drug Charge


Photo of Jo Jo Simmons
Joseph Simmons, Jr. aka Jo Jo, 19, son of the legendary rapper Rev. Run of Run DMC pled guilty to one charge of disorderly conduct on Thursday, July 16, after originally being charged with being in possession of a controlled substance and attempted reckless endangerment.

The teen star and rapper of Team Black was arrested in May after resisting arrest and was allegedly caught buying marijuana and rolling a joint sitting in his vehicle on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

On June 22, the MTV reality TV show Run’s House touched on Jo Jo’s arrest in which his father Reverend Run and Russell Simmons offered him counseling. “Weed makes you slow and stupid, its not good, its not healthful. It’s the opposite, it makes you unhappy… It makes you slow and stupid,” Uncle Russ told him.

“You know the problem with this is about when you go to jail you take your whole family to jail,” Rev Run told Jo Jo.

Rev Run went on to tell Jo Jo that he hurt the family and that he has to repair what he has done.

Jo Jo eventually apologized to his family and seemed to have realized the affect it had on his family as a whole and what his run-in with the law could cause in the future legally after his attorney advised him that he now has a rap sheet.

Meanwhile, the charges have been dropped as a part of his plea deal and Jo Jo must serve one day of community service.

Watch Run’s House Season 6 Episode 2 when Jo Jo is arrested and has to face the family.

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