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Hoopz Sex Tape: All That and Then None!!


Photo of Nicole Nikki Alexander aka Hoopz
The Nicole ‘Nikki’ Alexander aka ‘Hoopz’ sex tape has sizzled pass the highly anticipated date of July 15th when the alleged Hoopz sex tape full video was supposedly set to release along with a website of information on how to obtain the Hoopz sex tape, according to a source who calls himself Mr. Zzee.

As reported back in May, a source claiming to be sextape broker Mr. Zzee revealed to HipHopRX.com that the alleged sex tape in its entirety along with a website of information would be available on July 15th, however, that time has come and passed hinting that either Hoopz legal intentions against the party and/or refusal to accept money has side tracked the release and/or the ordeal was simply a publicity stunt gone bad.

Hoopz spoke on pursuing legal action against her alleged ex-boyfriend who, according to Hoopz, claims someone broke into his house and stole the tape of him and her having sex which Hoopz admitted too was her actual sex tape, but she believed it was deleted. After finding out about the leaked sex tape, Hoopz found then that the supposed tape had actually never been deleted at all and suspects that her ex-boyfriend may have actually brokered a deal for the sex tape possibly with the party who released the clips and contacted HipHopRX.com with the detailed information and new pictures.

“I was just a normal person, you know and I sat there and watched him delete it or whatever so I thought…,” stated Hoopz. “He had other plans or — you know — we were in the process of breaking up, man it was crazy,” Hoopz added.

Since the leak of the video clips of her sex tape, Hoopz herself claims she too has been made multiple offers to release the sex tape legally which she simply claims she has replied only with a “kiss my ass” answer, because it’s not the image she wants to make money off of.

The source which contacted HipHopRX.com, at the time, released new non-watermarked pictures of the Hoopz sex tape along with a new video clip of the sex tape hinting that the source was indeed the sex tape broker or the liaison of the sex tape broker, Mr. Zzee.

Upon attempting to recontact the party, a response was not immediately available at the time. Meanwhile, more news may become available at a later date as new details may develop.

But for now, video clips, pictures and juicy details are all that’s left. All that and then none!

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