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Rappers Soulja Boy and Lil Mama Show Off Cribs on MTV Celeb Teens


Photo of Soulja Boy on MTV Cribs showing off music equipment
Rapper Soulja Boy Tell’ Em and female rap artist Lil Mama are just two of the celebrity teen hip hop stars that showed off their cribs on the latest television show special on MTV Cribs called “Celeb Teens” Edition. In the video of the show, Soulja Boy walks you through his 3,222 sq ft, 2 bedroom and 2 baths apartment in Los Angeles, CA.

At the beginning of Soulja Boy’s tour, the rapper introduces you to his crib host, a life sized Soulja Boy poster board which greets you upon entrance to his crib.

“He’s just guarding and protecting the house,” stated Soulja Boy about his life sized poster board of himself.

Soulja Boy Tell’ Em goes on to show off his multiple awards including his pimp cup Dirty Award which he carries with him thoughout the tour, his automated fireplace, workstation area, his gaming and entertainment center. The young star even goes on to reveal the contents of his refrigerator, his Gucci bed sheets, Louis Vuitton rug, his balcony view, and more.

Meanwhile, rapper Lil Mama gives a tour of her 2,500 sq ft 1 bedroom and 3 baths four story loft also in Los Angeles, CA where she starts out in her spacious living room where she ‘does a lot of chilling.’ After showing off her living room, Lil Mama moves on to her kitchen where she reveals her childhood and adulthood love for Fruity Pebbles cereal while taking the cameras into her fridge. Lil Mama then proceeds to the third level of her 4 story loft where she shows off pictures of her family including her beloved mother who passed in 2007, as reported on HipHopRX.com, shows off her surfboard trophy from the Teen Choice awards and then proceeds to the 4th floor.

On the 4th level of Lil Mama’s loft, the rap artist takes the cameras into her bedroom and shows off mechanical artwork of a heart in her bedroom which Lil Mama claims that she’s an artist that loves art.

Ending off her tour with a glimpse of her balcony view and one of her favorite spots in her crib — her bathroom — Lil Mama shows off her car and then goes into a plug of her album.

Photo of Lil Mama on MTV Cribs showing of clothes Photo of Soulja Boy on MTV Cribs showing of clothes
Watch MTV Cribs – Celeb Teens Edition with Soulja Boy and Lil Mama

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