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Michael Jackson Leg Photos Sign of Vitiligo, Needle Marks (Pictures)


Photo of King of Pop Michael Jackson
Legendary Michael Jackson is back in the news this time in a grusome picture showing his leg which shows a servere wound to his right leg where many believe is that of a bite wound possibly from a spider, while others state it is necrosis and supposedly needle marks around the wound. Reportedly the picture was taken in 2002 and also shows signs of depigmentation of Michael Jackson’s skin which allegedly is Vitiligo.

HipHopRX.com spoke with a health professional and close source who showed us and also who informed us that Monobenzone which causes permanent depigmentation has the same affect as Vitiligo which is commonly used to bleach the skin and in quite a few cases when the pigmentation begins to return you get the same blotchyness which could make it seem as you have Vitiligo on a normal persons skin. Some have reported pink, brown, large patches and even pink raw areas on their bodies after using Monobenzone.

Meanwhile, ABC is reporting that a dermatologist stated that the wound which is on Michael Jackson’s leg looks like it was necrosis (death of cells and living tissue) where fluid may have been put in his leg from an IV.

Michael Jackson is stated to have been addicted to the drug Demerol, a narcotic pain medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain. Although Demerol may have not killed the Pop star it may have played a role in his death on June 25, 2009 along with the primary cause possibly being the anesthesia drug Propofol.

Photo of Michael Jackson Leg, Vitiligo and Needle Marks? Picture of Michael Jackson performing on stage in concert

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