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Rapper Rick Ross Diss, Comedy Parody: Officer Ricky Is Mentos Fresh

Hip Hop

Officer Rick Ross Mentos Commercial
The popular Rick Ross look-a-like, dubbed ‘Ricky Ross,’ is back at it again in a new Rick Ross comedy parody in his signature officer uniform portraying the Miami rapper Rick Ross as an officer who has spotted an assault crime in progress so he goes to work!

In the beginning of the video comedy parody, Ricky Ross sees a man get hit from the back by another man with what looks like an oversized wiffle ball bat so he kicks into officer mode but, realizing he’s misplaced his handcuffs, Ricky Ross comes up with an idea after taking a Mentos — he makes his own handcuffs out of doughnuts.

This is the latest video parody of Ricky Ross since being off the scene after his last video parody entitled FAMU Security, It’s ‘Big Mac-nificent,’ as reported on HipHopRX.com back in May 2009.

Watch the comedy parody of Ricky Ross: Mentos Fresh.

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