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Rapper The Game Disses Jay-Z, Says Beyonce Slept With NBA/NFL Pros?!


Photo of rapper The Game on stage
Rap artist The Game is back in a new video which surfaced from one of his concerts taking center stage dissing not only Jay-Z but also possibly his wifey Beyonce as well, while performing overseas in Spain.

Reportedly the The Game heard Jay-Z mentioning his name in a video in which not only he was mentioned, but also the former best friend and business partner of Jay-Z, Damon ‘Dame’ Dash, amongst others which seemed to have rattled The Game’s cage.

In the first video, The Game was seen shouting ‘F-ck Jay-Z, Old Ass N—a!’ in front a crowd of concert goers in Bordeaux, France to Jay-Z latest track “Death of Autotune” from off his “Blueprint 3″ album, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

Meanwhile, in the latest video, The Game lays out a new freestyle and says Jay-Z’s ‘lips so big he can suck on his c–k.’ Prior to that line, The Game gets the crowd hyped and says, “So I’mma start it off like this, f-ck Jay-Z! That’s how I feel. That’s how Pac felt….,” while encouraging the crowd to say ‘F-ck Jay-Z, Old Ass Ni–a!’

Further in the rhyme, The Game continues with, “This ain’t about B, This ain’t about Destiny, It’s about Madrid and the CPT. Look, I said This ain’t about B, This ain’t about Destiny, I’m in Madrid bangin with C-P-T. You got a bad b-tch, word, ain’t no p*ssy like hers. Just ask the Mavericks, Cowboys, Rockets and the Spurs. I mean, my b-tch don’t sling p-ssy like that, My b-tch sling p-ssy on a n-gga from the back, back, back…”

Check out The Game’s latest attack on Jay-Z in the video below:

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