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Caught on Tape: The Game Disses Jay-Z; Song Jacks Death Of Autotune!


Rapper The Game Disses Jay-Z, ‘F-ck Jay-Z, Old Ass N***a!’ The Game has reloaded and is taking aim at rap artist and Roc Nation CEO Jay-Z, calling the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, and former head of Def Jam, an “old ass n-gga” during his concert in Bordeaux, France on Sunday (July 5).

“F-ck Jay-Z, old ass n-gga,” The Game shouted to the crowd followed by urging the crowd to cheer his chants also of “F-ck Jay-Z” repeatedly followed by repetition of “old ass n-gga.”

The Game was responding to what he believed was a diss first initiated by the hip-hop mogul in a freestyle reportedly from his upcoming album, The Blueprint 3 where he rapped the following:

I ain’t talking about gossip, I ain’t talk about Game, I ain’t talking about Jimmy, I ain’t talking about Dame.

This was later reported by many blogs and websites as a possible diss aimed at The Game, Jim Jones, and Damon Dash.

At first, The Game claimed via his Twitter that he had 10,000 responses from fans who voted that Jay-Z was not dissing him, so The Game claimed he was going to let Jay-Z “slide” even though how “bad” he wanted to respond.

Well, it seems like The Game wanted to so bad that he reneged on his word and went after Jay-Z after all.

“We ain’t come to play no games today. We in Bordeaux, France… F-ck Jay-Z, straight up, if you don’t like that, make sure you find an exit somewhere,” The Game started out in the diss on stage aimed at Jay-Z followed by lyrics including mentionings of Jay’s Death of Autotune song which was all captured on video.

Watch the video of The Game dissing rapper Jay-Z on stage in concert in Bordeaux, France.

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