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Remix Of Lil Wayne On Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana Song Hits The Net

Hip Hop

Rap artist Lil Wayne is on a remix of Michael Jackson’s song ‘Dirty Diana’ which has made it’s way on the internet. As posted on HipHopRX.com, the song is a reported remix by independent music producer Dem Jointz. The song Dirty Diana was one of the seven hit singles which topped number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts from off Michael Jackson’s 1987 Billboard chart topping album “Bad.”

The popular music artist Michael Jackson, whose song ‘Dirty Diana’ crossed over from pop into the rock genre with it’s rock sound, guitar licks, and lyrics of a predatory lover named Diana, once believed he would have to remove his song from a UK performance due to fear of offending Princess Diana. Later Jackson was surprised to hear from the United Kingdom princess herself that the song was one of her personal favorites so Jackson actually went on to perform the song in UK at the 1988 performance at Wembley Stadium in front of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Check out the remix of Michael Jackson’s song ‘Dirty Diana’ featuring Lil Wayne here.

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