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The Game Speaks On 50 Cent Beef; Offers G-Unit, Eminem, Dre An Apology


Rapper The Game
Although The Game and 50 Cent have both ended the beef between each other sometime ago, there was still an evident tension between the two which according to The Game, he’s now ready to land that plane now.

“If the beef with G-Unit was an airplane, I just landed, I just got off that plane,” Game said in his interview with MTV News’s Mixtape Daily. “I didn’t even go get my bags out the baggage claim.”

“For 50, I’m just gonna apologize to him, you know, just as a man,” Game stated. “It don’t have nothing to do with music, or beef, or nothing like that. It ain’t about being the bigger man… He can take it and say, “Game is apologizing,” “Game’s a sucka, he’s apologizing to 50,” the rapper added.

Rapper The Game

The Game also extended his apology to not just the 50 Cent and the whole G-Unit but also to music producer Dr. Dre and 50′s mentor Eminem.

“I’m apologizing for me to him, to Dre, to Jimmy Iovine, to Eminem, to our fans.”

Game goes on to reveal that he believed if the whole original G-Unit would have not broken up, it would have remained an “unstoppable force.”

The Game claims that Jimmy Iovine warned the rap artist not to break as he told John Lennon of the Beatles some time ago as well.

Then comparing it to not just the Beatles, but also New Edition which at some point member Ralph Tresvant and Bobby Brown left, The Game claims that when the two left there was still Bell Biv DeVoe, but there wasn’t a ‘Candy Girl’ or ‘Mr. Telephone Man’ anymore, and this is what leads The Game to believe that if G-Unit was broken up, then Dr. Dre’s Detox album would have been out and they all would now be selling millions from Lloyd Banks to Young Buck to Tony Yayo.

Check out video of The Game’s interview, statements and apology about and to 50 Cent, G-Unit, Interscope, Dr. Dre, Eminem and more.

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