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Teen Girl Dies Twittering In The Bathtub


Twitter on your laptop
Earlier this month, a Romanian teenage girl was electrocuted in her bathtub while twittering on her laptop.

Croatian Times reports that Flavia Maria Boricea, 17, reported as the alias Maria Barbu in other reports, was using her laptop to access the popular social network site Twitter when she accidentally electrocuted herself and was later found dead by her parents in the bathroom of their home in central Romania.

Evidently, Boricea was attempting to plug in the power cord of the laptop with wet hands because the battery had died, but unfortunately this is what caused the young teen to get electrocuted reportedly.

The laptop which was found lying next to the young teenager was reportedly inspected by the local police and was found to not have had any technical issues, pointing at the cause of death being an unfortunate accident.

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