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Man Calls 911, Says He Sang Eminem Song While Stabbing His Family


Man sings Eminem while killing his family.
A Glendale, Arizona man confessed to killing his family by calling 911 and informing the dispatcher that he sang a song of hip hop artist Eminem as he stabbed his entire family.

Michael Brian Miller, 29, took the lives of his wife Adriana Miller and 10 year-old daughter Valeria. His 4 year-old son Brian was stabbed 11 times and survived.

In a phone call which took place on May 30th, Michael Miller can be heard telling the dispatcher, “I just killed my family with a knife. All of them. All three of them.”

Miller also goes on to state that he sung lyrics to Eminem’s song and killed his two children after they woke up to their mother screaming who he referred to as a demon as the two were in a dispute in reports. Miller says that during the dispute he was threatening her with a knife.

“I was threatening my wife, and my kids came out, and I killed my wife and I killed both my kids.”

Michael Miller stated that he had prayed with Brian and tucked him in the bed prior to the incident and stabbed him more times because he loved him most.

According to reports, Miller is stated to be bipolar and schizophrenic and attempted to kill himself at least once.

In the audio, the dispatcher asked Michael Miller if he had ever had any type of thoughts of doing this before and he responded, “Never, never, ever, ever… It just hit me like a brick in the face.” He goes on to state that he doesn’t even know why he did it and he has no valid reason.

“I am not myself,” stated Miller. “I’m… I am… I’m possessed.”

Miller is reported to have been charged with 2 counts of first degree murder and 1 count of attempted murder for the stabbing of his wife, daughter and son.

Meanwhile, Miller’s 4 year-old son Brian, who survived the horrific ordeal, is recovering in the hospital.

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