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50 Cent Saves Elmo!


Adam Perry Lang Tries To Roast Elmo On The Grill, 50 Cent Saves Him
50 Cent saves Elmo with Vitamin Water as chef Adam Perry Lang roasts him on the grill at a BBQ demo on Sesame Street.

“That’s what I’m talking about… taste just like chicken,” Adam Perry Lang tell his two little chefs.

“You killed Elmo,” one of Adam Perry Lang’s little chef’s tell him as he pretends to cry.

50 Cent’s runs in to save the day saying, “Don’t worry kids,” as the little chef’s scream, “50 Cent.”

“I saved your life Elmo,” says 50 Cent.

“Ahh hah hah hah…. Elmo loves you,” says Elmo.

As cheesy as it sounds, 50 Cent says back to Elmo, “50 Cent loves you too.”

Adam Perry Lang is a French-trained chef who’s known for his many affiliations and features on Oprah and Rachael Ray as well as his grilling. Adam Perry Lang is also an author of cook books such as “Serious Barbecue,” amongst others.

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