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Young Jeezy On Jay-Z’s D.O.A., ‘Autotune… Might Be In Trouble’

Hip Hop

Young Jeezy video interview at Def Jam
Rap artist Young Jeezy, in a new video, talking about his style, Summer Jam and his new album, also echoed Jay Z’s “Death of Autotune” claiming that he doesn’t do autotune and says that hip hop is f-cked up and over saturated with “too much bullsh-t.”

“I mean, I don’t do autotune, you know… sh-t, it might be the death of autotune,” Jeezy echoed of D.O.A. in his video interview. “All you autotune n-ggas might be in trouble… [laughes],” he adds.

Jeezy goes on to talk about having his own clothing line, being a business man, his affiliation with Def Jam music recording artist Fabolous, his new mixtape titled Trappin’ Ain’t Dead, and more.

Young Jeezy video interview at Def Jam

Jeezy also revealed that his new album Thug Motivation 103, with no official release date as of yet, plus an additional USDA album, is on the way and more.

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