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Twista Talks On Jay-Z And Why He Didn’t Join Jay-Z’s Roc Nation


Picture of rap artist Twista
Rap artist Twista, still referred to by some as the fastest rapper alive for once breaking into the Guinness World Records as the fastest emcee in the world, recently spoke about his affiliation and possible signing with hip hop music mogul Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

“Jay is like the big brother and to be honest I’m bogus because I need to put a call in,” Twista said in his interview with XXL Mag revealing his relationship with Jigga. “He did a lot for me.”

Then, somewhat defending the critics who he says refer to Jay-Z as bogus, Twista states, “Everybody got a story about Jay about how bogus he is or whatever but me, I’m a little n-gga from Chicago who he walked up to in the club and told me he remembered me performing with him from way back in the day. Like ’89 or something. He said ‘you deserve it cause you been going hard all these years.’ That’s my story.”

When asked about leaving his label Atlantic, home to Twista for over a decade since the 90′s, and if he had a chance to sign with Roc Nation, Twista reveals:

“To a certain extent man, but the type of person I am, it won’t allow me to… Basically, all I can do is let motherf-ckers know that I’m free. I like to speak through my music. It was a few opportunities that arose but at the time I was trying to get myself together from being at the end of the Atlantic thing so I had to regroup and find myself for a minute. Once I found myself, I mean it’s cool to be attached with certain people but I gotta be my own leader man. Like, I can be on your label and be under you and that’s cool, but really I gotta do my own thing.”

Twista’s “Category F5″ album which includes the songs “Wetter,” “Walkin On Ice” featuring Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman, as well as collaborations with Kanye West, Akon, and R. Kelly is slated for release on July 14, 2009.

Picture of rap artist Twista

For the full interview with Twista, logon to XXLMag.

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