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Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Tia On Betrayal, 50 Cent Rumors, Other Baby Mama


Photo of Tia Kemp during 50 Cent Interview
Tiallondra ‘Tia’ Kemp, Rick Ross’ baby mama who first fell onto the scene during the heated moments of the hip-hop beef between Miami rapper Rick Ross and rap artist and actor Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, recently revealed some of the juicy details of her life and misfortune, revolving around her relationship with Rick Ross, from out of her book “Deeper Than Rap.”

In an interview with Autumn Joi of ThisIs50, Tia Kemp revealed that she didn’t have a good relationship with Rick Ross’ mother who, according to Kemp, would always want her to kiss her butt. “I am a woman,” claimed Tia who says she was not going to let her control her household.

Tia goes on to talk about Rick Ross’ other baby mama, Brooke, who’s known for her sex tape which was obtained by 50 Cent and released on BooBooTV. Kemp reveals all things changed with his other baby mama when Rick Ross became a popular hip hop music artist.

As reported on HipHopRX.com, Tia Kemp was first put into the mix of the hip-hop beef between Rick Ross and 50 Cent when the G-Unit CEO brought Kemp to New York and took her shopping for a fur coat and more. In the interview, Tia Kemp also addressed what followed that incident denying rumors that she’s a gold digger.

Check out Rick Ross’ Baby Mama, Tia Kemp, in an interview talking about her book “Deeper Than Rap,” her relationship with Rick Ross, his family, his baby mama and more.

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