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Soulja Boy: ”I Couldn’t Understand [Jay-Z]”

Hip Hop

Photo of rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em
Rap artist Soulja Boy Tell’Em, who was previously in the news for making comments that he wanted to work with Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne for his next album, The DeAndre Way, claims that he didn’t like or understand Jay-Z’s music at first when he was young but now that he’s older, he understands and likes it. The comments come after Soulja Boy’s fans allegedly claimed that Jay-Z is ‘wack’ and wouldn’t be a good match for their favorite hip hop music artist, Soulja Boy.

“Jay-Z, I [Soulja Boy] always respected him. Always. But I didn’t always like his music,” Soulja Boy told MTV News. “I guess because I was too young, and I couldn’t understand what he was saying… I used to listen to a lot of Down South artists like Three 6 Mafia or Gucci Mane. But recently, since I’m older now and I grew up, I like Jay-Z now. I’m a fan of his music. At first, I used to just respect him because he was Jay-Z; now I’m a fan of his music and I wanna work with him.”

Watch Soulja Boy’s brief interview with MTV News talking about possibly working with Jay-Z for his upcoming album.

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