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Irv Gotti Says Eminem’s ‘Not The Greatest Rapper Alive’ Next To Jay-Z


Picture of Irv Gotti - The Inc formerly Murder Inc
Whether you agree or disagree, Irv Gotti doesn’t care, the CEO of The Inc. formerly Murder Inc. recently spoke on his discrepancy with a recent ‘Greatest Rappers Alive’ list and questioned the ranking of hip hop music artist Eminem as being the number one rapper.

Although Irv Gotti says he has no beef with Eminem, he gives it to you raw as to why he has a thing with Eminem being named the ‘Greatest Rapper Alive.’

“…they [Vibe Magazine] had him as the #1 rapper,” stated Irv Gotti. “Sh-t like that kinda pisses me off,” the label executive continued.

Irv Gotti went on to say that Eminem is a great artist who’s witty, smart, etc., but begs to differ when it comes to the type of lyrics that Eminem is spitting in comparison with rap artist Jay-Z.

“But how can we say the guy is the best rapper alive? … Look at Hov [Jay-Z]. He makes real records. Every one of Eminem’s first singles is some clown sh-t. He’s clowning. Is that the #1? That’s not my #1 rapper, man,” Irv Gotti adds.

It seems that Irv Gotti isn’t the only person in the hip hop industry questioning the “Greatest Rappers Alive” tournament list, rapper Joe Budden recently spoke about it on video and questioned the realness of the list as well and questioned how did some of the rappers end up on the list when it comes to being a great rapper.

Check out Irv Gotti speaking to MTV on “Eminem or Jay-Z?”

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