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Fabolous Mocks Damon Dash’s Outburst at Def Jam Over Jay-Z Meeting


Fabolous Damon Dash Parody - Yall Dont Know Shit About Pizza
Hip Hop music artist Fabolous mocks Damon Dash aka Dame Dash, CEO of Dame Dash Music Group, when he had an outburst and went off on Def Jam officials for holding a meeting about Jay-Z without his knowledge.

In the original viral video of Damon Dash, the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder was upset because Def Jam officials had set up a meeting, but no one told him about it, which he claimed that no should be setting up a meeting about Jay-Z without him knowing about it first.

Now, in a video comedy parody, rapper Fabolous who is a Def Jam recording artist himself, is having a little fun at Damon Dash’s outburst.

In related news, Fabolous is currently prepping for the release of his album “Loso’s Way” scheduled to release June 30.

Original Video – Dame Dash goes off on Def Jam Officials for calling a Jay-Z meeting without him.

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