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Birdman On Master P: He’s ”One of the Best Hustlers to Ever Do This Sh-t”


Rapper and CEO/Founder of Cash Money Records, Bryan Birdman Williams
Rapper Birdman aka Baby, real name Bryan Williams, 40, the co-founder of Cash Money Records, spoke recently about one of his influences, Master P, or rather one of the “dudes” he watched coming up in the business.

“I grew up around business. My daddy was a businessman,” stated Birdman in his interview with Vibe. “..I just didn’t really want to lose nothing. I watched it. I studied this sh-t. I watched Suge Knight, Tony Draper, Eazy-E, Jermaine Dupri, P. Diddy, Master P – I watched these dudes and I didn’t wanna make the same mistakes that I saw,” added Birdman.

The CEO of Cash Money Records businessman and rapper, says he owns 100% of his business and that’s the way he wanted it.

“I wanted to own 100 percent of my sh-t as I do right now today. We own 100 percent, we still a P&D deal and they don’t even allow that type of sh-t in the music industry. And I refuse to give up anything,” Williams claims.

Williams [Birdman] went on to touch on how he felt about Master P, who was known for being one of the most successful music businessmen of his day during the times of the No Limit Records empire of the 1990′s.

“Master P was one of the best hustlers to ever do this sh-t. He did it big—35 albums in one year, bruh. Ain’t nobody ever did that,” stated Birdman about “P,” who both founded and operated their record labels in the 1990′s in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Birdman went on to give Master P even more props in the interview stating, “I think Master P accomplished something nobody ever did and probably nobody will ever do, too.”

“To where today that seems damn impossible,” he added.

Regarding how he operated his own label, Cash Money Records, in spite of what “the atmosphere” was like in terms of No Limit and CMR around that time, Birdman made it clear:

“I just stayed focused on what we was doing. I ain’t never wanted to be what the next man was doing. I respect what they accomplished.”

Logon here for the full interview of Bryan Williams aka Birdman with Vibe.com.

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