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Rapper Bow Wow Wants Off Columbia Records, ‘They Don’t Know Hip Hop’


Photo of Bow Wow From Live Video Chat - Columbia Records Is Unfair 1/2
Although everyone was, at first, unsure as to why Bow Wow wants to leave Columbia Records after making remarks on his Twitter page which suddenly disappeared, the hip hop artist now has made it quite clear that Columbia Records is unfair and he reveals why he wants out via a live streaming video chat or should we say ‘video confessions.’

“Yep! It’s true! I want off Columbia. I’m asking to be released. NO they not dropping me I’m askn. Not happy there. Been like dis 4 5yrs,” Bow Wow’s Twitter post reportedly wrote in which he spoke about wanting to be released from the label.

And to confirm his discomfort with staying with Columbia Records, the hip hop artist went on to speak on his live streaming chat in a series of videos ranging as long as 14 minutes.

“I felt like I couldn’t talk about everything on my Twitter, but there was really so much for me to say. So I felt that I would be on there [Twitter] forever typing and you know, what not,” Bow Wow states on his cam.

The rapper went on to say that he was going to address the situation in a mature way and just tell everyone the truth, speak his mind and he’s only going to deal with it one time.

Throughout the first video, Bow Wow talks about Columbia closing down it’s urban division and the bringing in of executives from London who allegedly don’t know anything about hip-hop/urban artists in the U.S. or the younger audience that are into them.

Following talk about his situation with Columbia and R. Kelly for the song “Flirt” which Bow Wow says the label was not being productive on, in part two of the rapper’s video confessions, Bow Wow goes on to state that he will be on a new label this year and that’s the day he’s waiting on.

Prior to that, the young rapper threw out a roll call of a list of names of staff who were absolutely doing their job at Columbia Records. Besides those people, Bow Wow says Columbia Records really didn’t know what they were doing with hip hop artists. Although Bow Wow claims that the label does not know what to do with hip hop artists, the rapper did give the label credit for working “extremely well” with their R&B acts such John Legend and Beyonce Knowles.

Though Bow Wow wants to be off his home label, he revealed he doesn’t have a beef with the label or hate them, he’s just simply fed up and has been for the last 5 years.

In the midst of his video, Bow Wow encouraged his fans to tell him what new record label they think he should go to and these were some of the fans suggestions: Def Jam, Jive Records, Atlantic Records and Grand Hustle, which the rapper revealed TIP actually invited him to come to Grand Hustle. Towards the end of his video confessions, Bow Wow revealed he has new concert tour dates to be announced soon.

The rapper goes very deep about his situation and more. Check out Bow Wow speaking about wanting to be released from Columbia Records, the unfairness of his experiences with the label and much much more.

Bow talks Columbia 1/4

Bow talks Columbia 2/4

Bow talks Columbia 3/4

Bow talks Columbia 4/4

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