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Spectacular, of Pretty Ricky, ‘I Ain’t Gay’ Cartoon Dance Parody


Spectacular of Pretty Ricky Spanks Himself With Beef Patties
After Spectacular (Diamond Blue) from the music group Pretty Ricky called out to seek the number one grinder and threw out names such as Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Omarion, Trey Songz, Day26, amongst others to ‘out grind’ him in a viral video challenge, the video has now become the talk the of the Internet and a number of bloggers and readers have suggested that his dance video was ‘somewhat gay.’

“Anybody that want it, come get it,” Spectacular said in the video.

“This ain’t no beef man, this is to see who’s number one. So I’m gonna go ahead and show you,” Spectacular went on to say before dancing in what seems to be orange/red underwear.

Prior to parading in his underwear doing his interpretation of grinding, he introduced the song that he would be playing as his new single “Tipsy.”

Since his challenge, a number of people have made their own videos accepting his challenge, while others have opted to mock him for the sake of humor.

In a cartoon parody, Spectacular is being imitated with the animation spanking himself with ‘beef patties’ in reference to his ‘this ain’t no beef remark.’

“This ain’t no beef man, unless you’re talking about beef jerky, a hot dog or some beef patties,” the cartoon Spectacular says followed by spanking himself with two separate beef patties.

The video then leads Spectacular on to 106 & Park, where the host Terrance asks him what was the video about.

Here’s how the brief interview goes:

Spectacular: That was for the ladies.
Terrance: But you did call out male artists, right? So you did want those guys to do what you did, right? And you was going to watch it.
Spectacular: I ain’t gay.

Watch Spectacular’s viral video challenge below and the cartoon parody response.

Spectacular Grinding Video Challenge To Single Tipsy Spectacular of Pretty Ricky Spanks Himself With Beef Patties

Original Video Challenge


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