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Eminem Gets A Whiff Of Bruno’s Butt At MTV Movie Awards; Real or Fake?


Picture of Bruno Butt In Eminem Face at 2009 MTV Movie Awards
In a possible prank gone wrong at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, hip hop artist Eminem may have gotten an unexpected whiff of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen aka Bruno’s butt as the British comedian who’s known for his ‘ass out’ pranks landed on Eminem. After flying through mid-air over top of the MTV Movie Awards crowd, Bruno (a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter) seemed to lose his balance on his trick wire as he fell turned backwards with his butt in Eminem’s face. Reportedly, the prank occurred due to Bruno’s privates or should we say ‘balls’ allegedly getting caught in the wires.

As if angry, Eminem, following the prank, along with his entourage who can be seen shoving Bruno off of Eminem, stood up and walked out of the Awards ceremony.

“Are you serious? Get this motherf-cker off me, man,” Eminem tells his entourage prior to leaving.

As the entourage attempted to remove Bruno off Eminem, Bruno tells them, “Don’t touch me guys, I’ve already got a boyfriend.”

“Hey guys lets continue this in my hotel room,” added Bruno who is also known for his roles as the characters Borat and Ali G.

Now the Internet is firing up with all types of topics of the incident such as “Eminem gets tea bagged,” and “Eminem and Bruno in 69 position.” Some people are even accusing Nick Cannon, who recently had a short run-in with Eminem over dissin’ his wife Mariah Carey. People are allegedly blaming Nick Cannon for setting up the prank to get back at Eminem as he promised he would do, as reported on HipHopRX.com.

The ‘prank’ or ‘prank gone wrong,’ of Bruno flying out in his angel wings with his bare butt out falling on Eminem, followed shortly after Eminem’s performance which included his song “We Made You.” Actually, around about 45 minutes into the show.

Was it real or fake? Watch the video of Bruno’s butt landing in Eminem’s face at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

Bare Butt Bruno Flying Above Eminem at MTV Movie Awards Bare Butt Bruno Falls On Eminem at MTV Movie Awards Picture of Bruno Butt In Eminem Face at 2009 MTV Movie Awards

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